Five Quick Tips: Brand

Brand is a key foundation element in any marketing strategy involving a number of detailed insights and guidelines.

 For those businesses who are in a growth or start-up phase and are yet to develop a detailed brand identity there are still lots of little things you can implement now to ensure your brand personality is remaining consistent and communicating as it should.

1. Use a specific font across all your communications.

2. Develop a few simple templates for your stationery and communication pieces that demonstrate a consistent format when using your company logo and contact details.

3. Create a small library of images that are relevant to your core product or service so you can quickly access a quality image if you need to create some collateral or activate a promotional opportunity.

4. Establish a simple colour palette that is in sync with your brand, logo and products/services.

5. Develop a few paragraphs of copy that concisely describe your brand and your products/services. This is very handy when creating introductory communications and/or being able to react quickly to a promotional or advertising opportunity.

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