Love the customers you’re with!

Love the customers you’re with!

Loving the customers you already have, is in general terms one of the most important marketing strategies a company can commit to. Developing a plan that is focussed on keeping in regular contact with your customers is a key element of any business growth strategy that can be integrated across numerous communication channels within any business.

Social media and electronic direct mail (EDM) are both great ways to creatively and cost effectively talk to your customers regularly. If someone is subscribed to your database or a follower of your social pages there is a good chance they are already a customer.

Tips for showing LOVE to existing customers across social media and EDM

  1. Share knowledge and perks with them. Don’t do the sell sell sell gig

If the audience you are talking to are already your customers you need to give them information that will be relevant and of interest. Share news about your team, how they can use your products/services to benefit their own situation or share a special offer based on their loyalty. Send a survey asking what they would like to see your business offer and how they rate your products and services.

  1. Time it right!

Timing can be an exercise of trial and error and you need to consider both the length of time between communications as well as the time you actually disperse the communication. Social media insights and online cloud platforms that help you design and send EDM’s provide great information to guide your timings. The best place to start is based on whether your business is transactional or otherwise, as well as the time between purchases. If you get the timing right you will find sales and inquiries spike in line with your communications.

  1. Only commit to what you are willing and able to stick with

I personally harp on this point a lot but strongly believe it to be true with any marketing tactic. It is better to do a small number of things well rather than lots of things poorly. If you know that getting into social media or signing up to an EDM software is going to phase out after a few weeks or months it may be time to consider asking for some help from an external supplier to help you achieve your objectives.

An example of doing it wrong!

A close family member is currently selling an investment property and shared with me a story that upset her about the real estate that looks after the leasing of the property she is now in the process of selling.

After conducting research with trusted local friends who reside within the area that the said property is placed in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs she decided to go with a real estate agent that came highly recommended for the selling of the property. This agent confirmed they would manage the process with the existing leasing agent and tenants during the open house campaign in the lead up to the auction.

She was shocked to receive an email out of the blue from the leasing agent scolding her for not approaching them to handle the sale of the property. The email contained details of how they would find sourcing open house keys for the selling agent difficult to organise and continued on to boast about properties they have recently sold in the area that were not like for like to her property.

It takes about two seconds to realise exactly why she never considered working with this agent to handle the sale of her property. They don’t LOVE their customers. She never hears from them unless something is wrong with the property and upon finding out she has listed the property for sale with another agent they react by sending her a curt email that only proves their lack of customer focus.

Imagine if they had called her upon hearing of her decision to list the property for sale with another agent to first ask her why she had decided to sell, and then upon finding out the reason congratulating her on the decision to purchase a home with her husband and new baby. And then, just maybe they could have earned the permission to ask why she had not approached them to sell the property and ask if there was still time for them to pitch their offer.

The perfect scenario would have been a business relationship built on trust. If the leasing agent had kept her up to date with news about their business via an EDM strategy integrated with a regular telephone call cycle things may have been different. Sharing relevant tips and topics such as getting the most out of investment properties via a monthly EDM would keep them top of mind in her thoughts about who she should talk to when deciding to sell. By introducing some subtle property sales info into the communication mix they would have also opened up the door to potentially being the only agent considered to sell the property. A lost opportunity and a lost customer…

Ready to share the love with your existing customers? Let’s talk!

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