Summer marketing strategies!

A new season is always a good time to review your marketing plan and refresh your brand collateral to leverage opportunities that the change of season brings.

In a study released by oOh! Media and Leading Edge Research, it was revealed that over the summer months:

  • 83% of people spend more time outdoors
  • 80% visit the shops more
  • 66% visit cafes more

With this being the case have a think about where you focus your summer marketing efforts. Here are some of our top ideas to explore for your summer marketing plan:

1. Take a look at outdoor advertising options such as bus shelters and shopping malls.

2. Add a summer/outdoor flavour to your social media pages and website (e.g. update your cover photo and profile pic with a summer theme). Make sure you stay on brand though ;-).

3. Check out local events, fairs and festivals that you could attend as a stall holder or exhibitor. These types of events are consumer favourites during the summer months. They can be great branding exposure for service based businesses and a good sales opportunity when you can physically display and sell product.

4. A summer themed promotion is always a great communication tool that can resonate with your audience. You don’t necessarily need to discount, but try to add value and leverage the promotion so it benefits your bottom line (e.g. draws additional sales on quieter days of the week).

5. For local businesses, think about partnering with a complimentary business to increase brand awareness for both of you.

Remember, you need to tailor your summer marketing activity to suit your brand, budget and audience.

Want to chat summer marketing? Contact team bungalow!

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