Marketing LOVE is in the air!

Fall in love with your marketing this February! Calendar events such as Valentines Day can be used as fun inspiration to create content and engage with your target audience and existing clients. We all know that for some businesses Valentines Day brings additional revenue (e.g. florists are totally winning!), but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t use the event as a branding/top of mind activity.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Send your clients a Valentines Day card (either via the post or email). You can add a small gift or special offer if you like. Keep your client in mind when creating the piece. Some industries will need you to act with restraint as the theme may not suit.
  • Theme your social pages around Valentines Day. Try to stay on brand by changing your logo to red for the day, creating a heart themed cover image etc. Yes, it won’t really amount to sales, but it is topical and can increase your consumer touch points.
  • If you have a store front you can have a lot of fun with themed point of sale and merchandising. This can often be incorporated with a specific call to action to meet a sales objective. At the very least let your team have some fun dressing in red for the day.

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