A to Z of Marketing Ideas

Looking for some new marketing ideas? Check out this list of mini campaigns, tips & strategies to build your idea bank!

A – Allocate 20 minutes each day to researching industry trends.

B – Be consistent with your brand.

C – Contact complimentary businesses to suggest cross promotion & collaboration.

D – Develop an elevator pitch and practice it daily.

E – Engage the support of a qualified marketing & design professional.

F – Follow up promptly after networking events or meetings with a personalised card or email.

G – Give a free trial or sample to a portion of your target audience.

H – Host an event or information seminar.

I – Incentive offers for referrals or repeat business.

J – Join a local community or networking group.

K – Keep in regular contact with existing and previous customers.

L – Like and connect with local & complimentary businesses on social media.

M – Monitor the competitive landscape.

N – Never under estimate the importance of customer service & sales.

O – Organise a webinar.

P – Plan your marketing activity at least three months in advance.

Q – Quality collateral will always create good first impressions.

R – Referrals are gold. Give them where deserved & treat the ones you receive with love and respect.

S – Speak at local networking and educational events.

T – Train yourself and your team in new skills regularly.

U – Use the correct social media channels to reach your target audience.

V – Vehicle signage is relatively inexpensive for the exposure it provides.

W – Websites are more than a landing page. Invest time and resource to keeping it up to date with new and relevant content.

X – Xcite (we know this is cheating!) and delight your customers. Send a thank you card or gift.

Y – You can always find five minutes to reply to an important email or make that follow up phone call.

Z – Zero in on the needs of your target market by conducting consumer research or implementing a net promoter score.



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