How to use your Marketing Budget to Keep Clients

Marketing for business is often about attracting new customers; we focus long and hard on how to attract new clients and get the word around about our business. In the process, do we sometimes forget about looking after the ones we already have?

Recognising and remembering a client is one of the most effective ways to earn their trust and keep them coming back for more. Not only that, but they will also become one of your most powerful marketing tools – word of mouth referrals.

According to recent studies, clients that are highly engaged by businesses feel more satisfied and highly likely to become return customers (Gallup, 2013). A personalised thank you message, gift card or even small gift at certain times can all make your current customers feel special and confident to continue to use your services into the future.

Here are our top tips for rewarding your existing clients:

  • Congratulations on your success – when you engage with your clients on a personal level trust and relationships are built. If one of your customers has a business success, celebrate with them by sending a small hamper or floral arrangement congratulating them on their win.
  • Just because – devise a system whereby your existing client list is recognised and thanked for their continued business. Coffee vouchers or similar could be a good way to engage interest and make your customers feel like you care.
  • Thank you for your referral – let an existing client know when their word of mouth recommendation has secured a new customer for your business. A handwritten note and some yummy treats to share are always a winner here.
  • We haven’t heard from you for a while – a short email or card is quick to write and accompanied with a value voucher to your service might be just the prompt a client needs to start using your business again.

When you communicate and connect on a personal level, relationships are formed and secured. As this level of trust is formed, customers stay engaged with the business which can ultimately lead to profit building. Keep them happy and they will keep coming back and they will tell their friends too!

Contact us to make your clients happy too.

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